Friday, July 2, 2010

We really liked it! Now what??

We went it the house yesterday it we both had a very good feeling about it.  It was foreclosed and has been redone by a house flipper.  A pipe burst so there was mold in the house so he replace many things.  It now has been tested for mold and is fine.  But he did not just paint and put up new fixtures. He put in new floors and walls.  So now what?  I called my friend Heather to ask for some advice when we got back.  She said to make a pros and cons list so here it goes.  Maybe everyone can give me some advice when I am done?  Buying a house is scary! :) But I think it will be rewarding at the end.  Ok Pros and Cons in no specific order:

  • AMAZING views 
  • New Kitchen 
  • New Flooring  
  • Big Basement that can be made into a room  
  • High ceilings in the basement 
  • 2 1/2 bath  
  • 3 bedrooms  
  • Deck  
  • 2 car garage  
  • Great curb appeal 
  • Close to campus 
  • Can expand on the side or in the bacement 
  • Already painted the correct colors  
  • Most of the hardware is hardware that I will like and keep 
  • It is in our price range 
  • I feel like we would only get other houses in the area at this price and then have to fix them up 
  • Only one neighbor 
  • Really quiet
  • Has a Master Bath 
  • Has 2 walk in closests 
  • Has 2nd floor laundry
  • No air conditioning  
  • No garage door opener 
  • Could still have mold 
  • Back yard is in cliff  
  • Long stone driveway with unfriendly entrance 
  • Need appliances (fridge, oven, washer and dryer) 
  • Needs some gardening 
  • Weird lawn for mowing 
  • Most the property in the front yard (1.25 Acres)
  • Will need a lawn mower 
  • Needs landscaping
  • Master bath a little tiny
  • Bedrooms a little tiny (other two are 11 x 10)
  • Do we really need a house now?  
  • Will I be up on a hill all by myself?
  • Is it scary at night?
  • Snow and a long steep driveway 
  • Second heat source?


  1. When we were buying, we planned on finding a house we could live in forever, somewhere we could raise a family. Think about your situation and if you want to live there for 3 years, 10 years, or maybe even forever. Each situation will let you know what kind of house to buy. If you are only planning to live there for a couple years, make sure it is something that you can make money off of when you go to sell it. I would personally be worried about the mold.

  2. Thanks for the comments Diana. More food for thought!

  3. also think about Lock Haven weather, will you be able to get out if there is a lot of snow?
    And watch a lot of first time home buyer shows. They have a lot of information.

  4. When my husband and I were house hunting we discovered pretty quick that we wouldn't find the perfect house.(we looked at probably 40 houses) We would have to give up something. So I would say are the Con's things you can live with? I don't know too much about the summer weather in PA but if it doesn't get TOO hot you can probably get by without the ac and just a few window units. It has a huge front yard which seems to make up for the lack in the back. Plus if there are things that need fixing (landscaping) you can do it the way you want.


Thanks for your comments! I enjoy viewing all of them.